Hello! It’s Monday again, the most disliked day of the week. Do you like to do something on Monday to make it a little more bearable? I love going to the YMCA on Monday mornings to complete a nice sweaty workout. It helps start my week on a positive note. While I workout, Jamison goes into the gym daycare. That’s a win-win situation! Mommy gets to workout and the toddler gets to socialize and play with his friends for 45 minutes.

This morning I completed an upper body workout. It took about 45 minutes.


Pedaling away on the elliptical

Upper Body Workout:

Warm Up/ Cardio: 20 minutes elliptical


100 medicine ball rebounders (18 lbs)

3×15 bicep curls to overhead press (30 lbs total)

(20 mountain climbers between sets)

3×15 tricep dips/push ups

(30 bicycle crunches between sets)

3×20 front shoulder raises/rows (20 lbs total)

(20 jumping jack between sets)

3×10 tricep kickbacks/hammer curls (24 lbs total)

(no rest between sets)

Cool Down: 5 minute incline treadmill walk

Whew!My arms will be burnin’!

After my workout, I picked up Jamison from gym daycare and we headed to the little playground that the YMCA has. Usually after my workouts I let him play on the playground for a little while until our rumbling belies tell us to go home. We played for about 25 minutes.

We ran around and chased each other until we got tired. Jamison kept getting his foot stuck in a marshmallow (a pile of snow) so mommy had to keep pulling him out of his sticky situation.

Now it’s time for lunch. Have a great day guys!