Naturally, I am not a very organized person. I’m more of a “piler.” Mail ends up in a pile on the counter, clothes end up in a pile on the floor. I try to stay organized, I really do, but it never seems to last long before everything ends up in a jumble once again.

The other night, I took up the project of organizing our pantry. It hasn’t been deep cleaned since we moved in over a year ago so I knew I was in for a real treat. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and dive right in. When I clean, I try to get everything done as fast as possible. I know some people like to take their time to organize and spend a while on each cleaning project, but for me that is definitely not the case.

I stood on a chair to get to the high shelves. While I was sorting through the items I heard a little voice below me.

“Mommy, I help you!”

I looked down and saw that Jamison turned a bucket over and was standing on it right next to me. How could I say no to that? So I gave him cardboard to put in the recycle bin and expired food to throw in the garbage can. He had a great time. Too bad I wasn’t as excited as he was.

By the time I was done, only 10 minutes had passed. Not too shabby!





Here are the tips you should follow to have your pantry cleaned in 10 minutes:

  • Toss any expired items
  • Place non expired items in a box that have been in your pantry for 6+ months  and donate to your local food pantry
  • Wipe down all of the shelves with a slightly damp rag to get rid of crumbs
  • Dedicate a section to each group of items. (Examples: cereals, canned goods, dry pasta/grains, baking items, teas)
  • Face all items forward so that the labels are visible
  • After following the above Have a glass of wine



Question: Are you a “piler?” If not, can you give some advice on how to be consistently organized?