Hey, guys! Today I thought it would be fun to share a Day In The Life post to give you a little glimpse of what my days look like (on days that I’m not working.) Obviously, no day will be the same, especially with a three year old in the mix. This is what my Tuesday looked like! As of tomorrow, he will be 3 years 5 months old.

7:20 AM I get woken up abruptly when I hear “Mommy, Mommy!” on the baby monitor next to my head.

7:23 AM I head upstairs and go get him from his room and then we go back downstairs together. We say “hi” to Daddy who was already up.

7:25 AM I get him a sippy cup of milk and let him watch a show on TV.

7:45 AM I make Jamison a bowl of Pumpkin Chia Seed Oatmeal

7:50 AM Jamison sits down to eat while Jorge makes a pot of coffee. I wash some dishes and put a load of laundry in the wash. Jorge leaves to run some errands.

8:10 AM I drink a cup of coffee while Jamison plays with his cars.

8:30 AM I get us both dressed.

8:35 AM I start cutting up a pineapple.

8:37 AM While cutting the pineapple, I hear a thud and then crying. Jamison was jumping on the couch (while my back was turned) fell and hit his head on the coffee table. I stop and console a crying toddler.

8:40 AM Finish cutting the pineapple and place in fridge.

8:45 AM Quickly toast a waffle for myself and slather with peanut butter. Eat waffle and pineapple while standing up.

8:50 AM I brush Jamison’s teeth and mine, and throw up my hair in a ponytail.

8:51 AM I look for his shoes. Can’t find them.

8:53 AM I find his shoes under the couch. We put our coats on.

8:56 AM We jump in the car and drive to school where he takes speech every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00-9:30.

9:00 AM We arrive at school and wait in the hall. His teacher picks him up.

9:00 AM I wait in the hall.

9:30 AM He’s done with his speech class and shows me his Mickey Mouse sticker. We head home.

9:35 AM We arrive home. Jorge is home too.

9:37 AM Jamison wants a snack. I give him a banana, pineapple and a fruit/veggie pouch. I put laundry in dryer.

9:53 AM I start working on this post. Jamison plays with his cars and Daddy. I work amidst whining about wanting to go to the gym.

10:18 AM I finish writing for now. I get us ready to go to the YMCA for toddler class/ a workout for Mommy.

10:25 AM Leave for the Y.

10:28 AM Arrive at YMCA. I drop Jamison off at toddler class.

10:34 AM I go to the gym and start my workout, It’s a lower body day today.

11:30 AM I pick up Jamison from toddler class. He made a cute mitten picture. For some reason he cries all the way home.

11:34 AM We arrive home. He is still crying for unknown reasons.

11:37 AM I give him a drink and a bell pepper snack as we relax on the couch. He calms down.

11:47 AM I start making lunch for us. I make myself a salad and have grapes and dino nuggets along side. He has pineapple, applesauce and dino nuggets.

11:57 AM We eat.

12:05 PM He does something against the rules so he goes in “time out.”

12:08 PM I finish lunch in peace and quiet by myself. (Jorge had to go somewhere. He will be back around 5.)

12:12 PM I get Jamison from “time out.” We talk. He apologizes. We hug.

12:15 PM He plays, I put dishes away, wash more dishes, vacuum, clean up random things.

12:45 PM Jamison and I read some books. He doesn’t pay too much attention.

1:00 PM I put him down for his nap. (Whew!)

1:05 PM I shower.

1:20 PM I eat a bowl of Rice Chex with milk, fold/ put away laundry, work on blog, update my calendar book, check Instagram/Reddit and chill out for a little while.

2:40 PM Jorge comes home early.

2:58 PM I hear Jamison on the baby monitor. Jorge gets him and brings him downstairs.

3:04 PM We each eat a string cheese and pretzels.

3:10 PM We all pile on the couch and wrestle. Then Jamison gets bored and plays with his toys.

3:30 PM I set up Play-Doh for Jamison. We play for a while.

4:10 PM We clean up Play-Doh.

4:20 PM I start making dinner. I make Julie’s recipe for Chicken Sausage Sweet Potato Bake

4:30 PM I put the pan in the oven to bake.

4:35 PM Jamison plays with Daddy and with his cars.

5:30 PM Dinner is ready. We eat. Jamison eats left over pizza.

5:45 PM We clean up from dinner.

5:50 PM Jamison comes up to me and says “Mommy, I pooped!” There is poop on his hands and jeans. I clean up the mess and give him a shower.

6:20 PM I give Jamison a Paw Patrol lollipop. He is ecstatic. it turns his tongue and lips blue.

6:30 PM Mommy and Daddy also have a Paw Patrol lollipop. Our tongues turn blue.

6:47 PM We watch Bubble Guppies.

7:10 PM Jamison and Daddy hide from Mommy under a blanket. Jamison jumps out and yells “ROAR!”

7:30 PM  We play, jump around and act goofy.

7:45 PM Daddy reads Jamison books while I brush his teeth and get him ready for bed.

8:00 PM Jorge puts Jamison to bed. I give Jamison a kiss and say “I love you.”

8:05 PM I work on the blog. Jorge comes back downstairs. We watch some TV.

8:35 AM I make myself some hot chocolate and eat half a Kit Kat bar that Jorge gives me.

8:45 PM I go on Instagram/Reddit.

9:15 PM I get my coffee ready for tomorrow morning.

9:20 PM I lay in bed and go on my phone.

10:10 PM I’m tired. Goodnight!