Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day today is nice and relaxing. I plan on snuggling up in a warm blanket and sipping hot chocolate. That’s a pretty good way to prepare for the week, huh?

Yesterday was a family day filled with Christmas fun! We went to a Snowflake Bazaar at my old elementary school, watched a Christmas parade and put up/decorated our Christmas tree. Saturday is the only weekend day Jorge has off so we like to squeeze in all our family fun in one day.

First, we went to the Snowflake Bazaar. There were many vendors squeezed into the little gym. People were selling handmade jewelry, clothes, hand painted signs and pictures,, hooded towels and books for kids, stuffed animals and so many more interesting items. There was also a bake sale, games and face painting! Jamison bee lined right for the face painting table (no surprise there!) He kept saying “Shark, shark!” He got the cutest shark on his face despite being wiggly during the whole face painting process.

You can kind of see the shark on his left cheek.

We also saw Santa but Jamison was very apprehensive about him so we didn’t get a picture of him sitting on his lap. Maybe next year!

Later in the afternoon our town had their annual Christmas parade. The parade just happened to go by the main street right near our house. It was such a cute parade.  There were floats covered with Christmas lights, Christmas music blasting from cars and the local high school band, dancers, people dressed up as snowmen and Star Wars characters (Jamison said “Happy Halloween!”)

Jamison had a great time until the fire trucks and police cars went by blaring their horns and sirens. He wanted me to cover his ears. Poor baby!

It was so cold outside so we rushed home once the parade was done!

After we warmed up inside for a little while Jorge and I thought we should continue the Christmas theme and put up our Christmas tree. It’s a cute, small tree just perfect enough for our family right now.

Jamison had a blast helping put the ornaments on the tree! When the tree lights went on he was in awe.